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Well, here goes nothin..

When all you want to do is tell your story but you don't know where to start..

That's where I am at.. whoops! So, I guess I'll start here. I'm Lauren. I'm a 27-- holding onto it as long as I can about to be 28 year old momma and wife. I professionally and traditionally do hair behind the chair and I have a serious passion for empowering people.

I constantly feel like I have 24 jobs but I think they all tie in together so I can get away with it! For the longest time I've just wanted to sit down and write. Write about my family, write about #momlife. Write about my insane child (who I love dearly of course, but she's a train wreck!). And honestly, write about whatever the heck is on my brain.

It sounds crazy but half the time I'm talking to a two year old and the other half I'm talking business. Mom life is totally the best life but sometimes I just need an outlet, a way to tell our story as a family, and just a little fun.

I used to have a hair blog and not to say that I won't have tons of hair and glamour stuff on here but that no longer defines me. It was perfect when I was single living with my now husband and we had not a care in the world. I fit that into my everyday life because it was my LIFE. Work isn't my life anymore, and there is a whole lot more to share. Especially in the coming months we have so many fun things happening and I just want to have documentation of it. So whether this ends up being just an outlet for me, a ravishing success, or just something for me to look back and laugh at I'm okay with that.

I saw this tag going around instagram so I figured this might be the perfect way to start this whole process out.. 5 things about me. So here you go...

1. My child is actually the funniest human around and I fail at parenting because I spend half of my time trying not to laugh.

2. My hot hubs is my high school sweetheart and we've literally grown up and together.

3. When I get mad I cry.. and I actually hate crying.. but ever since I had Leigh, I've been a big old cry baby about everything.

4.I suck at letting people help me. I am totally the YES girl and it is not all the best yes that's for sure, I'm working on that.

5. I just want to help people. In any way, shape, or form, i can.. that doesn't always make sense to people and it gets me burned a lot but that's how my parents raised me and well, here I am.

BONUS: I'm in no way an english major, and I'm a mom on little time. If I post something grammatically incorrect please know that most of these will just be how I spew it out i real life... just REAL and RAW. (:

Till next time,


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