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Unicorn Sleeping Bags and Sleep Masks Only Work on Wednesdays

We're at that stage in parenting in my household (or so I would guess HA!) That our kid uhm, essentially rules our life. Those of you who follow me on facebook know already that Leighton completely refuses to sleep. Getting to bed every night is an absolute nightmare and I've resorted to joking about it and pretending like it'll eventually go away while everyone sends me hilarious memes. Which, truly I appreciate.. because, well, they get me through the dang day.

You see, Leighton was the BEST sleeper.. and I mean the BEST sleeper for 2 years. I think we may have had two little stints of sleep reverting and they quickly came and went. She's now almost 3 and we haven't seen a normal sleeper in about oh a YEAR. Ps. Momma, if you're reading this and your kid never slept... all the hugs to you.

For the suggestive sally's .. while yes, I do value your opinion I can actually assure you.. we have TRIED everything.


I've been on every forum for moms, which why the heck do we have these? Get your judgey eyes off me.. and didn't your momma ever tell you if you didn't have anything nice to say not to say it? Most of us preach about accepting others but maybe we need to take a little look in the mirror. EVERY kid is different.. yeah, I know I'm a mom of one how do I know? Well, my kid is different every single day.. THAT'S HOW.

We live on too much coffee, too much wine ( ok, that's me), a whole lot of laughter, frustration that's turned into jokes.. and at 1:30 last night we woke up to Leighton playing on my phone in OUR bed... she attempted her room.. but LIFE is hard at two. (rolling eyes) She cried so hard and so fiercely sad that Levi literally rolls over and says "go get her". So in case you were wondering how we slept last night... Unicorn sleeping bags and sleep masks only work on Wednesdays. I forgot.

If you're a parent and your kid rules your sleep life. I feel ya. You're doing great. So cheers to all the wine you can find, all the hot coffee you can make in the morning and find yourself someone you can laugh with about it. Preferably the person who's in it with you. I'm so thankful for my hubs because i would LOSE it.

If you're the husband reading this and your wife is beyond exhausted.. here's a tip. Just tell her it's okay. It's that simple. You're all gonna make it through whether or not the two year old terrors make you cry and laugh all within 5 minutes.

You've got this momma and you are amazing.. you probably don't get told that enough. So just know YOU are.

Till next time,


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