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More often than not I feel like moms are trying to "hide their crazy" bah! Or in my case.. I'm over here trying to "hide my kids crazy". WHOOPS. Yep, I said it. I'll probably say it like 20374387208 times more too.

Lately, I've been focusing on giving myself a little grace. A little patience, and realizing that I absolutely cannot control that my two year old will say out loud "I'm quitting because I'm tired of waiting" in the middle of gymnastics. Face. Palm. x10. Right?

UGH. Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything brought you to tears, and absolutely everything humbled you? I had about two and a half of those lately and while I'm over here singing HALLELUJAH that my child is out of whatever weird two weeks that was.. I'm feeling grateful that I have this to look back on.

One thing my kid is great at is teaching me. She's amazing at teaching me that well, even when she goes from 0 to 60 I can hide my complete embarrassment it takes for me to get the 25 ft out the door of my salon and get her to the car. She's teaching me patience in not lashing out in public. She's teaching me that honestly... mom life is really just a bunch of "i really want my kid to act this way.. however while in public I will negotiate with the two year old terror to save face"

LIKE, WHY? Why is it always in public?

A week ago I sat in my car and essentially turned into a two year old myself..

As I am in tears at the ridiculous 10 minutes that just played out in my place of employment Leighton so simply looks at me and says "mommy, why are you so sad" When I respond with, "because you're being really mean" it's humbling.. not only to her but to me..

In the past two months I've went from joking that my kid is "insane" to really thinking that may actually be the truth or I'm getting there quickly..

But that's ok. Because we are both just figuring this thing out every single day.. and that has to be ok. Moming is hard. Being two is hard. And we're both perfectly imperfect.

So hide your crazy or don't.. it doesn't matter.. We know how you feel momma!

Till next time,


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