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Just My Two Cents

You know, it's a funny world we live in. We are quick to run to a store and buy something off a complete stranger or listen to a you-tuber and order something with a link online. All the while our friends around us sell similar if not better products and we are quick to question them. This isn't just about "MLM" or "direct sales" this is with anything "sales".

We are all guilty. Me included. You know, you never really think about it until someone feels the need to defend themselves.. It's like a punch to the gut.

Did I judge them? Who would say such a thing? Why do they even feel the need to speak this into the world?

Well, because we are human... and for some of us "offending" someone, some people who are now complete strangers has became more important that "being us".

I've sold things. I "sell" things, if that's what you'd prefer to call it. I KNOW how to do it. I get attraction marketing.. and I know what can get you interaction. Does that mean I do it... how I should? NOPE.

Want to know why? "because what if someone on my feed cares?"

Tonight I watched a boss mom apologize for being HER. Uniquely HER... I've actually seen quite a few people doing this lately and it just makes me sad.

Your feed. Is YOUR feed. It is not for someone else to judge, criticize, or tell you what you can and can't post. It also was not put there to insult your friends over political views either, but you don't see many of these people apologizing.

With so much sad happening around us, I don't know about you but I personally would prefer to watch the happy on my feed. The people winning, earning, and celebrating successes. The people HUSTLING for something they are passionate about. Something to help them as a family, or grow back a piece of them that left when something happened to them. A mom who found her confidence again in HER and decided to celebrate it by showing her newest business adventure. You don't have to watch. If it drives you nuts, keep scrolling. But you certainly don't have to say or whine about it like we see usually on facebook.

There are many ways you could help said friends without spending a dime. Did you know social media works by likes, shares, and comments? You don't even have to watch the videos people post and you can just cheer someone on in the comments and it could help boost them. You don't have the extra money for whatever your neighbor is selling.. that's fine. I'm sure about 50 people on your timeline do.. share it- I promise it will make their day.

I guess all I'm trying to say is while yes, #girlbossnation or really anyone in sales around you can be "annoying" or really it is more of "you don't understand it". Remember when you buy something off them wether it be makeup, hair product, insurance, or even a mortgage (just saw that commercial the other day)... you're supporting a family.. not a big box store. (and before that debate starts... of course every company has higher ups... however in most of these business the cuts the actual "sales person" receives are much higher than an hourly wage- you also have the potential to earn as much as you would like for as hard as you work) You aren't filling a strangers pockets you're helping someone next to you fulfill a dream, help their family, or helping boost their self confidence. Spread a little love, a little less hate.. and try and think before you rant on social media because you never know who's feelings could be affected.

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