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The F Word

Friendship, that funny thing everyone longs for, we all say we suck at, and the thing that most people don't get to keep forever.

We all are great at sharing those posts, you know the ones that hit home about "to the kid who I thought my kids would call auntie". I know I have. Very rarely do you see friends who have been through it all.

It's a weird thing and when you break up with a friend it's even more strange if you run into them. Do you say hi in a store? Do you like or comment on their things.. or do you unfollow? Let's get real. No one WANTS to break up with a friend. Even if they are a bad friend. It's uncomfortable, and it's like a breakup of love relationship.. if not closer.

Those people usually know your secrets, they know all of those things that you wouldn't have told anyone else.. especially if they are your best friend. Of course those secrets should be kept secrets... but will they?

I've been wondering lately if there are any statistics on "BFF's and how long they really last".. even at that I do think they change. Your relationship changes just like with anything as you grow in and out of the phases of your life.

There are truly people who I thought Leighton would call "Aunt" and will never get that title but that has to be ok. You get to this point where you genuinely stop caring about how or what they did to hurt you and they just become another person. It doesn't mean you don't care about them. It doesn't mean you wish them bad.. it just means when you're having a bad day and they were that friend for you it may sting a little more, and when something makes you belly laugh and they would love it you just won't pick up the phone.

Friendship, it's this weird thing. The thing you don't worry about until it's gone.

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