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It's a hairstylist turn.. WHY MONAT

Well, that little sentence just opened a can of worms..

For 7 months I dug and dug for information on Monat and could find very little. I could of course find the basics on the website about it being better for you, anti-aging, and when you googled images you could see that there were amazing results.

I dug up the ingredients.. Monat says no to toxic ingredients. It is a vegan line. It is leaping bunny approved. It is an anti- aging hair care line. It has blended essential oils in it. It is a luxury hair care line.

I'm a hairstylist, of nine years. My clients are my #1 priority when it comes to my career. Their hair care, their well being, that matters to me. I had seen alot of social media after digging (the explosion hadn't happened yet in my town) that you could thicken hair up with it, that it helped people grow back their hair.

I was intrigued. I got myself a sample and I tried it for myself. As any hairstylist should before they talk about a product. I used only the shampoo. I shampooed twice. I used nothing else on my hair because I wanted a real representation of what it was going to feel like.

I went in to work with my hair air dried and I asked one of my friends and co-workers to style my hair. She actually asked me "Did you color your hair? It is so shiny." My exact response was "no, it's this Monat stuff, I wanted to hate it.. now I think I want it". After, I watched more youtube videos on it. I tried to find people who didn't sell it, but were just using it.

I couldn't stop looking at these photos. I was so intrigued. I purchased the kit knowing there was a 30 day money back guarantee and I kept my box secretly hoping it was a joke. Every hairstylist WANTS it to be a joke. There, I said it. No one wants to fall in love with the MLM product. TRUST ME. Client after client I was amazed and in shock as to how their hair felt and looked. I had clients who never had purchased product before calling me and asking me how to get this product. It took me about 2 1/2 weeks of clients to realize that I no longer needed to keep the box. I had been washing fellow stylists hair, they felt the same.

Fast forward to almost 9 months later and just about everyone around me has a new head of hair. I will post a few pictures of myself and friends below so you can see it.

I personally during this time had extensions twice. While tape-in extensions are still one of the safest applications of extensions of course there will be damage. I truly feel like my hair had way less damage than it would have. I also used the oil from Monat to remove them and that went the smoothest it has ever gone.

My hair is stronger, longer, thicker, and I even regrew my hair line! WOO WOO!! Post partum hair can be so hurtful to your self esteem.. how I know? Almost everyday I want to go and delete old pictures of that time off of my feed.

---- INTERUPTION: I actually wrote the above in February of this year.... It sat in my drafts THAT LONG. First of all, thats shameful but second of all... those things up there.. they need to be shared so there ya go.

Here is a picture of my hair before and a picture of it currently. All of the above things are very much true and since February I have not colored my hair but had my hair cut twice.



But the bigger part.. the part where I'm not "defending my credibility" I never wanted this to be a business. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would turn into what it has.. but in doing so this is my WHY.

My why is because I can take the day off and not feel "selfish" for not "providing for my family" I have said it and continue to say it.. Levi and I have been more than blessed with fabulous jobs and opportunities but I am a person who truly feels guilty when I am at home. I love my daughter by far more than you could ever fathom but in my head that is not only being a mom, but a "provider" as well. We all lead different lives and I totally support you no matter your role, this is how I feel about MY family.

My why is so that we could pay off debt from doing everything ourselves since the age of 19.

My why is so I can truly be the "yes" mom to ridiculous things... no shame in my game.

My why is so that if anything ever in our household "health wise" were to go south or ever be a roller coaster again. WE HAVE IT.

My why is so that I can show my stubborn 3 year old that being independent is JUST FINE.. and you as a woman can do absolutely ANYTHING you set your mind too.

Monat has truly blessed me in more ways than I can describe.. I've earned two trips, one of them being the a trip to Bermuda which was completely incredible (if you love to travel.. add it to your list!) I have earned a paid for luxury car. I have also been able to pay off debt and help tremendously at home. My clients have seen incredible results some that are tear worthy because it has made THAT big of a difference. First and foremost in this business I have had my "hairstylist" hat on. Your hair matters to me.. it's why I am doing this!

I have now been offering this product for an entire year now. I had no idea what a little bottle of shampoo could do for people's confidence, for people's wealth, for people's lives. It is truly amazing.

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