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Hair Tool Favorites PART 1.

STRAIGHT HAIR- DON'T CARE (somebody give me a hair flip)

I've been thinking about this post for quite sometime and I'm going to break it into sections because there is actually no easy way for me to cram my favorites into one post without you falling asleep.

I'm going to start off with flat irons because it is one of the most versatile tools and I hands down, don't even need to think to answer these. I'll basically give you a mini review with each as well! As always I highly recommend asking your hairstylist to order it for you or shopping a salon local to you however I will add a link to ones I've found so you can tag it on a want list or watch for a sale. I'll add a link where you can get it as well. So let's get started..

This one I have personally owned for about 4 years, I have a different model but this is tried and true and I got my money's worth for sure. It usually runs around $200 but it is so worth it! It has little silicone strips on the inside to grip your hair so it is the perfect iron for curling- the picture above says 1.5" make sure you snag the 1" if you want to curl with it!

This one is something I have used from a friend and she told me she really loved it. The only downfall I see is it doesn't seem to get rid of the static but it does a great job to curl and to flat iron out pesky hairs.. It is a little cheaper than the one pass and around $140 usually but you should note that it doesn't have silicone strips so if that is something that you're wanting then I would pay a little more and get the first one.

I was searching online today making sure I didn't miss any that I've used and loved and honestly I can't highly recommend any others.. I would try and find you a cheaper version but honestly they always fall flat for me. I have more flat irons than I actually care to admit and my downstairs bathroom and work closet get to store them for some weird reason. However I have a theory if you're going to invest your money into something it should last.. I also know that if you buy a $25 flat iron from a big box store that it'll probably end up frying your ends off or it'll die in a couple of months even if it just loses its temper.

If you don't have these listed above thats totally fine and you shouldn't feel any certain way about it these are just my favorites and I'm sure in a couple of months there will be something new that will wow me. However, no matter what flat iron you're using or how much it costs, make sure it has a heat setting. Most flat irons have the capability to go to 450 degrees and unless you are doing a true straightening treatment you have no reason for it to be that hot. EVER. Turn your hot tools down.. most people need 300 at the most, your hair will love you when you make this change!

The links listed are not affiliate links and here is my friendly reminder to shop from a stylist not a big store.. online shopping can be so convenient but usually a quick text to a stylist can help you get the tool you've been searching for!

Hopefully this was somewhat helpful- if you'd like me to do a post or a video on the flat irons I don't think are worth the money.. let me know!


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