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Motherhood. GAH. Give me all the feels. It truly is one of the most rewarding, frustrating, and well.. honestly the hardest job I've ever had.

I've spent most of the past six months either praising Leighton or literally in tears at what to do. To the friends who have listened, I applaud you. To my mom, I'm officially sorry for whatever the heck I ever did bad as a child. HA. Ok, but really.. she's probably half over the highs and lows of her granddaughter too.

No one tells you what to do when you have a strong willed child. No one tells you what to do when you have a very "smart" child.. and everyone around you in certain situations is so quick to judge it can make you question everything you've ever known deep in your soul.

Leighton is pretty advanced for her age, and when I say advanced I do really mean it and she's the most "bored" child I've ever seen or met. She will challenge you and anyone who is up for it to doubt her to do anything. She is strong willed in the sense of being independent (she gets it honest.. my husband I are both first born, control freaks.. we've just managed to control around the other one (; ) She is quick, she is strong.. she is quick witted and she doesn't stop to think when being sarcastic and cracking a joke.

Leighton is also one of the naturally most funny children I've ever been around. I am sure that part of it is that I am her mom however sometimes, well, alot of the time I really don't think it is. She is an almost 3 year old who talks like she is 17 somedays, 43 others.. and rarely like she is 3. She is soft hearted and gets her feelings hurt easily (unless when in trouble) and she loves to cuddle.

We struggle with her knowing who is boss and I have literally read all about strong willed children and how to deal with them. I've tried and failed and somedays celebrate small successes because the thing about motherhood books, not one.. not any.. are going to have every answer for your child. If I had a dollar everytime someone said "well, if you figure it out let me know" we would actually be loaded.

In almost 3 years of her life I've learned a few little things that I do think make "momming" a little easier to be honest. I was having a really hard day with Leigh today so instead of stay in my rut all afternoon I figured I would share them with you.

1.Find friends, and not just any friends.. find the ones who will let you scream cry about your child and not judge you. Friends who understand the difference between frustration and actual anger. Friends who even when you feel like you are epicly failing remind you that their two year old is crazy or their four year old has an attitude of an adult too.

2.Listen or read books that women write that lift others up. I need alot of this, probably more than I'm even willing to admit. I've been listening to the audio version of "Girl, Wash Your Face" by Rachel Hollis. HELLLOOOOOO- is this girl my new best friend? She should be.. because she gets me.

3. Use your husband and mom to secretly laugh at your child when you're trying to be serious but they are anything but. Leighton is the queen of distraction and if I let myself go while scolding her typically I would be belly laughing half way through so I save it and text my mom or shoot a look at Levi... they get it too.

4. This may be the most important one and I know before I had her I was probably one of these people.. now, having her.. I get it. Whoever you are.. wherever you are- STOP the mom judging. The "my kid would never act like that" looks. Because they won't until they do.

Remember when I said I just wanted an "outlet" when I started this whole thing... yeah, this is what I mean.. a little vent session.. a little more get to know me.. and a little build people up. Today has been a hard day at our house.. trying to teach a 3 year old that doesn't like a certain dance to stay in her class may be the death of our sanity around here but we're just doing the best we can.

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